F.Dick Dickoron DUO

Skjerpestål med både diamant og keramisk sliping

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A Dickoron sharpening steel is made of several million of the finest diamond grains and smooth ceramic particles ensuring exceptional sharpening and honing of your knife’s cutting edge. The sharpening steels of our Dickoron family are superior in quality and efficiency – many times copied but never duplicated. Each sharpening steel is an outstanding tool. No matter if used individually or together, you always obtain a sharp knife.

The new Dickoron duo contains two round diamond steels embedded in one ceramic steel and is made in Germany according to the highest quality demands and specifications of Friedr. Dick.The diamond steels featured with the Dinitec coating allows high abrasion when steeling and sharpening blunt knives. Thanks to the deep embedded diamond coating in the core made of stainless steel, we achieve a very fine surface with high abrasion. At the same time, we guarantee an extended durability of the sharpening steel.

Finally, the synthetic ceramic surface smooths and refines the cutting edge. The granulation of 1,000 (up to a granulation of 3,000 according to Japanese standards) enables the achievement of a very fine cutting edge.  The flat shape of the blade allows a fast, easy and effective steeling and sharpening. Used in combination, both the exactly defined and concerted surfaces produce a sharp cutting edge of high durability. Both surfaces –diamond and ceramic – offer an extreme hardness thus making them suitable for all hard types of steel.

 It is common practice for knife tradespeople to use more than one steel depending on the state of the edge, by purchasing this steel you are eliminating the need to have multiple steels and the extra costs associated.

Product information:

  • Steel has a 10″/25cm diamond & ceramic square rod.
  • Perfectly balanced for a steel of it’s size.
  • Light & compact(doesn’t feel like an anchor hanging from your pouch).
  • Nearly 150 years worth of engineering nous has been implemented into this one steel.
  • Ideal for the chef, hunter, butcher, farmer or anyone who needs to keep their knives sharp. Quality German made steel that won’t disappoint.

Below is a diagram of a correct steeling technique. Too much is made out about the difficulty of steeling a knife the key is practice and persistence.






Correct use of the sharpening steel: To sharpen the knife, draw the cutting edge several times alternately from the left and right along the entire length of the sharpening steel, ensuring the same number of strokes on both sides. Move the edge along the sharpening steel at an angle of 15 – 20°.

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